Bundling information, feeling and emotion in visuals - video & stills. Storytelling in its true form.

Let us tell your story!


Flomotion covers all aspects of today's media world - from start to finish - conception, organisation, shooting, postproduction and distribution. We develop your story and bring it to life.


Just take one frame, reduce it to its minimum and let the story flow. It's a master's approach that creates outstanding visuals for you and your company. We live to evoke emotion.



Moving pictures are not only bound to a screen. Experience true moments in outstanding surroundings. Flomotion offers guided trips to breathtaking spots and stunning summits.



As UIAGM mountain guide Flomotion is providing inspiring mountaineering, climbing and skiing experiences around the world. With a wealth of experience, technical ability and enthusiasm we're designing your outdoor story.


Experience a world of unlimited ski adventures. More details to be found at Piste To Powder. Explore breathtaking terrain and reach stunning summits not only in Austria, but also in Norway and other amazing destinations. Avalanche training courses and ice climbing action on request.



Discover beautiful spots and mountain areas far away from the crowds. Flomotion is providing individual and tailor made programs in majestic mountain surroundings - from the Ötztal valley and the Dolomites to the turkish sunny rock walls.


A photographer who’s a guide and a guide who’s a photographer.

Living in the Austrian and close to Swiss Alps, access to some of the most beautiful locations has always been easy. Travelling further and coming back to amazing places has revealed the passion of photography and filmmaking. Not only outdoors, finding and capturing true moments made me constantly thinking, growing and looking forward. As Flomotion we're as comfortable shooting in remote corners of the world as we are in the grid of a bustling city. And we believe that there's a story to be told in every setting.




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Florian Kraler

Office Vorarlberg:
Gilmstraße 12, 6700 Bludenz

Office Tirol:
Innrain 41, 6020 Innsbruck

+43 650 2072185